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There's really not much information about "XinXun"aka xox broadband service,and consequently the homepage of the company also lack of information . XOX is a telco positioned to serve  the Chinese Community in particular, provides comprehensive Chinese centric contents and value added services to enrich and enhance the user experience in mobile services. Recently xox do come out  XOX data plan which claim to be the cheapest broadband in Malaysia.Lets find out.

    What is XOX Data?
    XOX Data is a prepaid mobile internet subscription service for  mobile phones where you can seamlessly access the internet from your mobile phone on XOX’s network.The plans available to all XinXun Prepaid/Hybrid subscribers . If you are not an XOX subscriber, you can purchase a XinXun Prepaid Starter Pack or Hybrid at your nearest XinXun Center .

The  plans
    XD18 at RM18 for 300MB
    XD38 at RM38 for 1GB
    XD68 at RM68 for 3GB

To activate XOX Data , SMS any one plan(Data M XD18, XD38 or XD68) to 28899.   For example: DATA M XD18 and send to 28899. (this will subscribe you to XOX Data XD18 plan)

Its isn't unlimited broadband , it will automatically unsubscribe you from the service if  you exceed quotes data capacity within the validity period.There will be a reminder SMS when you reach 80% and 100% of your allowed data capacity.There are no info about the download speed ,upload speed  at the time this article published.

 How to Register RM18 per month Mobile Internet
SMS method
DREG*phone num*name*ic*address*1
1=IC Malaysia
2=other such as Police force

Example for Malaysian:
DREG*0103111111*wong lai man*791010015101*123,jalan pontian besar 82000 johor*1

Example for Government servant:
DREG*0103111111*WONG LAI MAN*Z123456*123,JALAN PONTIAN BESAR 82000 JOHOR*2

Example for foreigner:
DREG*0103111111*abdul  Jabbar*ah123456*123,JALAN PONTIAN BESAR 82000 JOHOR*3

After send SMS command ,you will receive Message from XOX as below.

Number: 28899
0103142931 was successfully registered. Please submit registration form to your nearest branch within 7 days from now.
Time: 15/04/2010 13:40:01

After receive SMS Please call 13125 for activate line.

Note: All number must be activate within 30 days from Registration otherwise the line will be terminate automatically .

 You can call XOX Customer Careline at 1-300-888-010 or visit for more information.

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