Basic Smartphone Symbol and Functions

 The Dummy Guide about symbols appearing on your smartphone 

This post guide you about the  your Smartphone Symbol and Functions .It apply to iphone and android .Illustration of mobile smartphone, app symbols and its functions for Samsung,Sony,LG,Oppo ,Lenovo ,Blackberry.APPLE,MICROSOFT,NOKIA,HTCXIAOMI

Airplane mode 

The small silhouette of an airplane is used when your phone’s radios, including its mobile, WiFi and Bluetooth connections, are all switched off. In this mode no connectivity is active and you can only use apps and services which don’t require any form of data connection to function properly. That means no web browsing and no streaming of music or video.

No signal

The greyed out or struck-through satellite icon denotes that although the phone’s radio is active, it is not able to find a network signal. This prevents you from making or receiving calls or texts, or using any data services.

What is GPRS?
Marked on a phone's display by the letter 'G' and referred to as 2G, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is the slowest form of data connectivity (providing just 114kbps) and is typically only used if the phone can’t find anything faster, due to interference or location issues. The original 2007 iPhone used this type of mobile data connection full-time.

Usually denoted with an 'E' beside your signal bar, EDGE is also known as eGPRS and 2.5G. This connection type fills the gap between 2G (GPRS) and 3G, with theoretical speeds of 400kbps. However, in the real world you usually get around half of this.

3G stands for 3rd Generation and is clearly denoted by a ‘3G’ logo next to your signal bar. 3G offers users double the performance of EDGE, with up to 384kbps speeds. This used to be the standard data connection in the UK but now most providers offer 4G with a typical contract.

What is HSPA+?
The 'H' on modern smartphones stands for Evolved High-Speed Packet Access and is the latest form of 3G mobile data technology around. Depending on the different networks and devices, accessible HSPA+ speeds can either be 14.4Mbps and 21Mbps, with 42Mbps only possible on some networks.

What is 4G?
Now covering most country around the globe, ‘4G’ (also known as LTE or Long Term Evolution) is now the standard data connection type, offering up to 10 times the speeds of HSPA+ (up to a maximum of 160Mbps). Fast speed 4G connectivity , Most country currently develop and having fast growing in converting FROM 3G to 4G especially SEA . Note that China Mainland has their very own 4G standard 4G.TDD

What is 4.5G (LTE-A)?
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 'LTE Advanced' connectivity . LTE-A, otherwise known as 4.5G, not only increases BROADBAND data speeds to a whopping 300Mbps, but can also handle more users at once - an important consideration as more people sign up to the network.

What is 5G?
The next big step in data connectivity will be '5G', which has achieved mind-blowing speeds of up to 1Tbps in recent trials. That's 1000GB of data downloading per second, or in other words, hundreds of HD movies hitting your mobile device in just a second. The only problem is that the 5G networks will use the same bandwidth as Freeview, which needs to be cleared out first.

Mobile Internet Plan and Voice Plans

This post is for newbie the doesn't have any idea what is those Internet data plan ,voice plan ,prepaid ,postpaid plan .Why you need for the package that consists of Mobile Internet and voice?

Why you always need to get a plans that consists of to both Internet and voice.

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Just think with 4G mobile internet plan ,you can stream high-quality videos on your phone, or send and receive SMS on your laptop – or make voip calls from either one under one user id .You can even use  4G on other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, like the iPad, PlayStation Portable and iPod Touch!

check out the latest Internet data Plan at you country .
Mobile BroadBand plan, you can use your laptop or tablet to download large files at lightning speeds and play your favourite online games without lag. Keep your fast-paced lifestyle running smoothly with 4G and WiFi.


How to set up and save DIGI APN

Setting up internet connection for DIGI MALAYSIA
To configure your 3G or 4G LTE mobile or dongle to browse internet or to send MMS with Digi in Malaysia apply below APN settings.

APN 3gdgnet
User name
Auth Type PAP
MCC 502
MNC 16
Dial number *99#
Carrier DiGi MMS
Android APN digimms
Android user mms
Password mms
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80
APN type mms
Auth type PAP
Carrier2 DiGi Internet
Android APN2 diginet
APN type2 default,supl

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