Streamyx ZONE prepaid Card Overview

The TM wifi service Streamyx on the go is a wifi coverage for TM Subscriber.For those who don't have any "relationship"TM buy would like the surf on Streamyx ZONE. The new Streamyx ZONE prepaid card with No account registration and reload required might be an option. Users are able to enjoy the Streamyx ZONE service with greater convenience and minimal steps.

How to use Streamyx ZONE prepaid card
Scratch the Streamyx ZONE prepaid card to get your Streamyx ZONE ID and password.
Just log on with the given Streamyx ZONE ID & password at over 8,800 Streamyx ZONE locations nationwide. The new Streamyx ZONE prepaid cards will be available at TMpoint.Check out the link If you have questions on How To Use Streamyx ZONE Steps by steps Guide


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