Knowing Why Download speed Slow Via P2P

If you like movie ,games ,music files ,you may prefer download it via P2P technology AKA torrent download,and you are using your very own internet connection, what is the effect of downloading files via P2P to your Internet broadband speeds ?

If you often download video or audio via you lap top or computer using P2P.Have you notice that  some of these files become slower and slower,Is there anything to do with your ISP Internet service provider?
Knowing Why Download speed Slow Via P2P
Knowing Why Download speed Slow Via P2P

We often  heard some said the ISP slow down the connection speed while we download large amount of files from p2p.Some said the reason of  running slow most probably due to throttling.

To answer this question ,first we must know the concepts of p2p,and what will be the exact bandwidth/speed requirements for sender and receiver, for sending and received video files full HD ,you will need higher speed connection to get a smooth download speed.

The idea of peer to peer is that ever receiver is also a sender. In that case, you must also depend on the speed of not only your very own broadband speed (your peer ) but the sender peers. The initial sender sends it to peer 1 and in turn peer 1 sends it to peer 2, etc. A combination is also possible, where peers aren't assigned to another but simply send to the ones that need the data.

For example Peer 1 receives the data stream and sends it to Peer 2. Peer 2 will needs to send it to Peer 3, but hasn't got enough bandwidth. Now Peer 1 has some bandwidth left so it aids Peer 2 and sends a part of the data stream directly to peer 3.

What bandwidth also will require while using HD video over Internet in separate calculation from audio point of view, is it much higher then audio transmission ?. - Receiver: same as sender - Its very complex to find a correct speed/bandwidth requirement, for end user.

Streaming true HD over the Internet will be pretty hard since it WILL require a lot of bandwith. Sound takes a lot less data than video (especially HD video). How much that is depends on how you encode your video and audio. Some encoding takes more data, depending on how heavy they compress data.So always check at the bandwidth capacity and find files that have as many users providing them as possible.

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