YES P1 4G Mobile Internet Overview

There are plenty of options when it come to choosing wireless Internet broadband service provider nowadays.If you are newbie on broadband internet access,for you information the first broadband access in Malaysia is from TM .They name it "streaymx" ,it is a wire connected internet access HDSL and ADSL .

Talk about wire Internet Broadband Connection ,one of the biggest advantage of streaymx is the fixed line telephone network that cover almost everywhere in peninsular Malaysia specially Klang valley.Since they was in monopoly position,the quality of the connection sometime just make people mad..Browsing through the major discussion board ,you will find most of the reviews of their speed and service are lousy.Most of the users have no choice but keep on using the poor service from TM .Now we have several options when it come to choosing the right broadband service.Umobile,maxis broadband ,Digi,Celcom and the new comer YES  broadband.

What is YeS 4G

YTL Yes 4G is one of the wireless broadband provider in Malaysia,it is the world's first fully converged 4G mobile Internet service with voice.It can be the alternative solution to surfing the internet with affordable cost.For the latest Yes 4G price and review ,check out our previous post on Yes! 4G Internet Broadband Price overview.

This post we going to do some analysis on YES 4G mobile internet and find out why YES 4G are one of the best mobile internet in the local market.We are going to do that by publishing some information about things that we consider really important when it comes to choosing the right ISP Internet service provider .

Before getting started,let me tell you that for certain reasons we are not going to talk with any of you about something that is less important,and outdated.For instant,dial up modem or compare the package that not in the some categories.

Its all up to you and we believe that each and every one has the right to choose what kind of broadband service you going to choose from. In this post that is strictly about wireless internet. About the pros and cons for the wire and wireless and all important things that we mention on this blog are going to be explained sooner or later.

The pricing of YES 4G
Back to the topic,The pricing of YES 4G mobile Internet seems targeted towards mid-range users as they are offering prepaid package that started from as low as RM0.09 per MB download bandwidth.For heavy bandwidth users would might find the cost prohibitive.

What is 4G and how it work?
What is 4G?, To be honest ,YTL has no business calling what they’re offering 4G.Tech consultant Gareth Davies says that as far as specifications are concerned, the technology offered ny YES isn’100% 4G.For you reference ,4G as a standard defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will only see its final release in 2012.ITU defines 4G speeds as reaching 100 Mbps. By that definition, says Davies, “No one, right now, (is offering) 4G.”

Just like you and everybody else who surfing internet,that really doesn't matter if it is 3G,3.5G or 4G .We just look for the s faster than what’s already available.”

To be fair, YTL isn’t the only one advertising WiMax as 4G.P1 Wimax ,Another Malaysia ISP provider also claim they has faster and uninterrupted speeds with P1 4G, the latest wireless 4G Broadband Internet .American carrier Sprint, a major US WiMax provider is also touting its network as 4G.

What YTL is calling 4G is, or P1 wimax in actuality, a technology running on the WiMax or 3.5G standard. WiMax is certainly faster than 3G but the major difference is that 3G runs on the current GSM cellular network. WiMax runs on a different spectrum altogether and is primarily internet-protocol or IP-based.

In many ways, WiMax is theoretically more suited for delivering Internet services. GSM networks were built to carry voice but WiMax from the ground up was created to serve data, thus offers less latency as compared to 3G.

The coverage of YES NETWORK
According to press release,YTL's YES network claims to have over 1000 base stations all over the country as compared to its nearest competitor P1 Networks whose stations number in the hundreds

YTL YES official claims they has completed 65 per cent coverage in West Malaysia including along the North-South highway,and in coming years they are targeting 85 per cent of coverage in West Malaysia. YES 4G up to date has yet to acquire a license for its services in East Malaysia.So for Sabab and Sarawak YES mobile network is not available at this moment.If there are any update for the coverage,I will post on this post.

For the bandwidth and service,YES is also offering voice services along with its no-cap Internet. Users will be given a phone number that can be used to make phone 018 that can calls though throughout the country,there are no SIM card for YES mobile. the YES numbers do not come with roaming services.YTL and Samsung has launch a device called Yes Buzz.

As Malaysians have already been burned by the empty promises of many broadband providers, should they put their trust in YES Mobile wireless Internet?It is too soon to give any conclusion at this moment as the service is still new ,i will collect more information and user experience from time to time and time on up coming post.


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