How to check Your Umobile 3G Data Usage

How to check Your Umobile Postpaid 3G  Data Usage

 There are two methods we can use to check the usage of umobile Internet broadband postpaid plan usage.

1.Check it via mobile phone.

To check your current data allowance usage, remove the SIM card from your 3G modem provided by umobile ,then insert the SIM card to your mobile phone.

Dial *118# and select U Broadband, then select “Check Usage”.

Alternatively, you may also send a SMS by typing in “BAL” and send to 28118.

2. Check it via PC ,laptop
U must install the umobile modem client software in order to use this method.It already in your 7.2mbps Modem,you just have to install the software.

umobile broadband
How to check Your Umobile Postpaid 3G  Data Usage
  • Create a new SMS message from your client softwar
  • Key in"data" and send it to 28118  .Wait for the SMS confirmation. You will received an SMS notification (from you laptop /computer)will be sent to you upon successful activation of the selected broadband package. 


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