umobile Unlimited Mobile Internet Review

umobile Unlimited Mobile Internet Fast Review

Some of the most important things that you should be aware and understand before spending your hard earn money on those Internet broadband service is that knowing the tricks and hidden tactic behind a broadband plan. It is to make certain comparison that might and will definitely help you get the best broadband Internet service provided when it comes surfing the Internet with decent fast speed..

Now in order to get access to the Internet from your mobile phone,you really need a 3G phone,and you better buy the phone that has a large screen .This post will not go detail on How to use your mobile phone to surf the internet,it is not something hard to do if you spend sometime to study how to config your 3G or 4G phone to access the Internet.We gonna talk about what package or options does we have when it come to choosing the right Unlimited Mobile Internet service provider.Those who claim they have the best rate and best speed,can we believe it? We struggle daily in finding the best broadband plan but up to date,they is still no 100% broadband plan.

umobile Unlimited Mobile Internet,one of the cheapest Internet broadband plan in town.So What is umobile Unlimited Mobile Internet?Unlimited Mobile Internet is a prepaid subscription service for internet offered by Internet and mobile service provider for your mobile phones only.If you wish to get limited broadband for your lap top,it cost RM68 permonth with the umobile UB68 plan,now they have RM100 month fee rebate promotion for the new subscriber.I was wondering can we use our 3G phone as a modem to access the Internet then we connect it to our home PC or laptop?

Back to the topic,This mobile Internet plan offered by umobile comes with free airtime and sms. The subscription price is RM28 / 30 days. Your Umobile sim card must remain active in order to enjoy this bundle. All U mobile prepaid users can activate this bundle, except for Blackberry & U Broadband Plans subscribers.

How do you activate Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan from your phone?

Dial #118 → select ‘Unlimited Mobile Internet’

Please ensure a balance of RM28 in your prepaid account for successful activation.

Once you signing up ,subscription begins on your service activation date and will be renewed automatically at the end of 30days.You can anytime check your usage and balance by follow few steps below:
dial #118 → Select ‘Unlimited Mobile Internet’ and select ‘check balance’.
To check your plan’s validity?
dial #118, select ‘Unlimited Mobile Internet’ and choose ‘check balance'.
What you get from this bundle?
For RM28, you will be given 100 minute of talk time & 30 sms. These free calls and sms can be utilized for calls to any network included DIGI ,Maxis ,Celcom etc., you can call from anywhere in Malaysia (except for special numbers ie 1800 numbers).if you exceed your allotted 100 minutes of voice calls or 30 free SMS quota,you still able to make calls,however your outgoing calls will be charged at U Mobile’s standard prepaid tariff. Alternatively, you may also renew your unlimited mobile Internet plan to start enjoying free talk time again.

For broadband usage if you exceeded your data allowance within the validity period i.g 500MB,there will be no additional charges. However ,according to the umobile Fair Usage Policy - Your speed will be throttled to 64kbps upon exceeding 500MB.

The Unlimited Mobile Internet plan is an automatically renewable subscription. It is renewed every 30days (subject to a minimum balance ofRM28 in you prepaid account).Your unused balance will be rolled over to your new bundle along with a new validity date, however the entire bundle can only withhold 200mins and 60sms at any point in time. Any excess of which will be forfeited.

If you fail to top up the service,Your used balance (voice and SMS) will be frozen. Any outgoing call or SMS made during this period will be charged as per our standard prepaid tariff., your unused balance will be released for roll-over to the new bundle. The maximum capping on allowable balance will still apply.There is no limit on the number of times you can activate.

yOU jus got to ensure a minimum credit balance of RM28, in order to successfully subscribe for Unlimited Mobile Internet.You must have at least 5 sen residual in your account balance (after subscribing to this plan) in order to enjoy the data facility.

You May use this internet service while roaming domestically only.For places where there is outside 3G coverage area,not to worry, you can use it where the internet service outside of the 3G zone / Domestic Roaming. Edges speed will be assigned.For latest news and offers from umobile,check out Umobile Promotion Plan Price Updated or vist


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