Use of Mobile broadband Modem Dongle

How to use Mobile Broadband for Home computer LaptopNowadays Mobile phone Sim card Apart from making phone calls ,sending sms,mms etc.we can use it to surt the internet .It provide internet connectivity with 3G/HSPA/4G signal is so called “Mobile Broadband”. We can access to the internet from anywhere
where the telco company has broadband coverage.You should always check if your area is in the coverage area before subscribe to any of the plans.

You can either connect to the Internet directly from your mobile phome(smart phone) or use your netbook with additional devices so called "modem"or“dongle’.You only need top plug the device into your computer USB slut and you are online. Just that simple.

Mobile broadband Modem / Dongle:

A device that acts as a mobile modem to provide internet is called by the term Broadband Dongle or USB Modem. They come with a slot to input your SIM card as they operate on mobile phone networks. Installing these devices is mostly easy and drivers automatically install on your preferred device when plugged in. With the modem /dongles plug to your laptop ,you are connected to internet.


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