UniFi packages Overview

The UniFi is a home base broadband service
provided by TM . It is a land line High Speed Broadband (HSBB) with connection speeds up to 5Mbps and above.

There are currently 3 packages offered to home users — VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20.UniFi is a bundled triple play service offering High Speed Internet connection from TV, HyppTV (IPTV) and Voice.You can now surf with lighting speed and Enjoy triple play advantages of VIP:at the same time discover a whole new world in entertainment, communications and information.

Now if you register a Residential Packages for home users ,currently tm offer a promotion for
Residential Packages.For the latest promotion and information about UniFi ,visit this broadband blog often ,we have the price update all the time or visit for the latest news.

Currently there have offering 3 residential and 3 business packages.

For residential VIP5 is RM149 a month, VIP10 is RM199 a month and VIP20 is RM249 a month. Each package comes with voice, different Internet speeds and either a basic or premium HyppTV subscription.

For businesses, BIZ5 is RM199 a month, BIZ10 is RM599 a month and BIZ20 is RM899 a month.

Each package comes with attractive call plans, different Internet speeds and a host of complimentary services.These package also includes a VOIP DECT phone, a set top box with HDMI output for viewing TV programs (2 HD channels only I think), and a cheap Aztech wifi-N router with 100Mbps switch.

What you get from UniFi
You will be able to experience the highest speed connection available in the market via the advantage of fober optical connection,and this will enable you to tap into many services such as online games, downloadable rich content, virtual interaction (video calls) and an enriched shopping experience (rich multimedia virtual shopping, real time merchant tips). UniFi provides more stable and reliable connections to ensure a premium customer experience.

V Video or Internet Protocol Television (HyppTV)
I High Speed Internet
P Phone (Voice Service)

You can check service availability through the TM website at, by calling TM UniFi Centre at 1-300-88-1222 or visiting selected 6 TMpoint outlets currently in the UniFi areas: Taipan Subang Jaya, Damansara Utama, Menara TM, Jalan Raja Chulan, Shah Alam and Bangsar.

You can register UniFi,or call TM UniFi Centre at 1300 88 1222, or visit selected TMpoint outlets currently in the HSBB coverage areas: Taipan Subang Jaya, Damansara Utama, Menara TM, Jalan Raja Chulan, Shah Alam and Bangsar.

During the initial promotion period, standard installation and activation charges worth RM200 will be waived. In addition, the standard package is inclusive of equipment worth RM800 that will also be given free-of-charge to customers. No deposit will be imposed. Only monthly subscription fees for UniFi packages will apply. Telephony usage charges and any purchase of value added services will be charged separately. The duration of standard contracts is 24 months.

Others information you might need to know:

Differ to Streamyx combo packages provided unlimited internet access , TM’s HSBB UniFi package does limit users’ usage by implementing a download/upload quota limit.

Download Volume for difference packages:
VIP5 package comes with 60GB monthly download volume.
VIP10 package comes with 90GB monthly download volume.
VIP20 package comes with 120GB monthly download volume.

*The monthly download volume will not be implemented until further notice.
*There will be no volume capping for UniFi’s SME packages.

If you move you place,relocation requests can be made at select TMPoints or through the TM UniFi Centre. Generally, relocation is possible but is subject to service availability. A relocation fee of RM300 shall apply.

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