How To Use Yes Life

What is Yes Life?
Yes Life is more or less like Voice-Over-Internet Protocol aka VOIP on your mobile devices,iphones, iPads .If you familiar using skype,Msn chat via your computer window or Mac, Yes Life just a application that install on your mobile device or computer to let you make a outgoing call,sms to any others mobile user around the globe.There is no SIM card required. All you need is Sign in to Yes Life with your Yes ID.

You can use Yes Life internet broadband to connect to your friends through voice calls and video calls. You can also view your friends' statuses and chat with them if they're online..

How To Register Yes Life
You can register for Yes service online at Alternatively, just visit Yes Stores or any of our Yes IT Partners to register and select your Yes ID and 018 mobile number.

How Much Does It Cost?
If you are new ,you need to activate the Yes service with a one time activation fee of RM50. Then just buy a minimum reload of RM10 .Call rate is 9 sen per minute or 9 sen per SMS.

How to connect to Yes Life?
After you Get you very own Yes ID , you need to connect you phone or computer top the internet before you start using Yes Life,either you can use Yes 4G devices ,iOS devices to access to the internet,or you can use Windows and Mac OS computers with an Internet Connection such as streamyx.

Where Can I Download Yes Life ?

Yes Life for Windows XP SP3, Vista and 7

Yes Life for Mac OS X

Yes Life for Apple devices (iPhone, iPads and iPod touch)

Try out Yes Life 14-day trial if you use ihpone iOS. Follow Steps Below:

Step 1: Access the App Store and download the Yes Life app into your iOS device

Step 2: Activate the Yes Life app

Step 3: Click on the 'Need a Yes ID? Click to sign up now.' button

Step 4: Complete the necessary details

Step 5: Login with your new Yes ID and password and chat/SMS away on your iOS device*!

* Yes Life Trial App ends after 14 days or when RM5 credit runs out, whichever comes
first. To continue using Yes Life after the trial period, go to to reload.


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