Lowest price for DIGI Internet broadband plan

Lowest price for DIGI Internet broadband plan

As of 1st July 2011. Digi has updated their plans and rates for their Internet broadband plans..DIGI 3GB broadband plan from RM33. FREE modem. No contract.Check ouit the plans below:

Plan First 5 months upon activation Month 6th onwards
Discover Day RM23* RM33*
Discover RM53* RM63*
Explore 6GB RM83* RM93*
Explore 10GB RM93* RM103*
* Price reflected are after RM5 autobilling and RM10 upfront payment rebate.

For Discover Day?The actual fee is RM38 per month. if you opt for autobilling, you will entitle a RM5 monthly rebate.The modem is free with all THE DIGI brodband Internet plans. You only need to pay a registration fee of RM100 when you subscribe to any plan with modem.If you already have USB modem /Dongle.You only pay RM50 non refundable upfront payment for access only plan.Check out our previous post about The Use of Mobile broadband Modem Dongle.For those who Pay PM100 and get the free modem,you will have RM10 upfront payment rebate for First 5 months upon activation.

Different between DIGI Discover Day Plan and DIGI Discover Plan
*For DIGI Discover Day Plan,average speed of 700kbps(d/l), 200kbps(u/l), from 7am-7pm.After 7pm, speed will be throttled to 128kbps and P2P will be blocked.


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