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 Things you need to know (for newbie)before signing up u broadband service :

This page contains some important link about the latest promotions,price and plans available from umobile.Use the links below to compare to others Internet broadband provider and choice the most affordable and best plans according to your needs.

Stay connected with U Mobile Broadband. Choose from any one of the affordable plans below .To check the latest u-broadband plans and latest u-broadband Mobile Internet plans visit:  (update from time to time)

    How to set you laptop and mobile phone(smartphone)to surf with u broadband Internet

    The setting is easy ,just check out this U MOBILE broadband getting started link

    In order to use U Broadband service You need to know:

    U-broadband Modem Setting
    You will need to use a USB modem or MiFi device to access the U Broadband service. If you already have your own HSDPA modem ,you need to config your modem software settings;under “General”,just fill in following info:
    • APN: my3g
    • Dial: *99#
    Detail on HSDPA modem configuration, check out here or check out our post at:U Broadband Laptop and Phone Setting

    U Broadband coverage.
    Always check the U Broadband coverage.There are several type of coverage ,you should aim for 3G coverage instead of 2G coverage.Type of coverage included 3G voice + Messaging Broadband (download speed up to 21Mbps)Broadband (download speed up to 42Mbp.Click on the labels to toggle visibility for each coverage type.Click here to check the U Broadband coverage.

    Package Terms and Usage (Recent updated)
    MB-Day plan has a data volume of 500MB
    MB40 plan has a data volume of 2GB
    MB68 plan has a data volume of 5GB
    MB128 plan has data volume of 20GB

    To learn more about Umobile UB plan .Check out How to start Umobile Internet broadband UB SIM plan

    Monthly charges are prorated in 1st month up to the end of 1st billing period. Thereafter, monthly charges are payable for each full monthly billing period in arrears. If terminated before the end of the billing period, charges are not prorated. This applies only for POSTPAID BROADBAND ONLY SIM.

    How much data allowance?
    Data allowance is the amount of data that you purchase / sign up for as part of your U Broadband plan.After the data allowance limit is reached, the access speed will be managed. Subscribers do not need to pay extra charges during the period of the subscription.

    For Postpaid Subscription,
    To sign up for U Broadband plan, please visit your nearest U Mobile Store / U Mobile Authorized Dealer.

    For Prepaid Subscription,
    Get yourself a U Mobile Prepaid Starter Pack and dial *118# to sign up for U Broadband packages.

    Review From
    Check out our preview at the link below if you are researching several Telco /Internet broadband Provided :umobile Unlimited Mobile Internet Review

    Important links:
    U mobile official website 
    Download UMobile Official Android App

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