YES 4G device Broadband Price Update

According to Yes 4G MOBILE INTERNET .we can access the Internet on any Yes 4G device - whether on one or two devices simultaneously at the same time.I am wondering does it mean we can surfing from two computer with 1 id ? For example browsing news on the 4G mobile phone, at the same time sending emails or update my blog on my laptop.

Lets check what "YES 4G device" is ? What kind of devices they offer? Generally ,there are 4 devices all together.

1.Yes Go (the 1st device) is a 4G dongle for personal use. with smooth corners and fold-away USB plug so it slips into any pocket,270° flexi-hinge improves reception without sticking out like a sore thumb.Come with 2 LED indicators the purpose is to let us know the network activity.The price is RM99.The price will bundled will RM100 Yes credit (divided into 10 months = RM10 x 10 months), free Yes Life where you can use this app to call any local Malaysia number for local rates even you are at outstation or is a application like MSN Messenger / Yahoo IM / Skype.The technology behind is VOIP.

Current Promotion:
Free Go device + RM100 Yes credit (RM10 x 10 month…s)
+ Free YESLife
+ Free YESMail

2.. Yes Huddle is also a MiFi Device. You can connect up to 5 devices, simultaneously via WiFi to this device and surf the internet. To be short, it is a WiFi hotspot :) without wire. Plug, play and share 4G with up to four Wi-Fi devices at one time.It is best way to create wireless broadband network at home or your office.The siez is small enough to slip into your pocket and snuggle up in your palm.You can carry it whenever you need it.According to YES 4G .it stored 25% more battery life than 3G devices. Chargeable with laptop while staying connected..The price will be RM399 for divide only.

Current Promotion: RM1199 (RM50 x 24 months with installment plan) Package include:
+ Free Huddle device
+ RM1199 YES credit (save RM400)
+ Free YESLife
+ Free YESMail

3.Yes Buzz – Mobilephone from Samsung. For the first time in Malaysia, an all-in-one 4G mobile phone that is powered by the Internet.First ever SIM-less phone in Malaysia that enable your contact details to be stored and synchronised online.Internet turbocharged with 4G. It also acts as a modem for your laptop.You can use it to Watch YouTube videos, surf, chat and receive emails on the go

4G Cloud Phone

* 2.2", 64K TFT Colour Screen
* Internet Tethering
* Web-enabled
* Slide-out QWERTY keyboard(hidden keyboard at the back)
* 2.0 megapixel camera

The Buzz 4G Cloud Phone is a full feature 4G phone so don't worry, it supports ringtones, graphics and applications.There are mo information where i can get this phone .The prIce is RM599 (For the phone only)

4.YES ZOOM 4G Gateway
It is a high speed and reliable Internet connection for Home.With Wi-Fi (802.11n compliant) gives you faster wireless LAN performance and coverage at home or at the office. Sleek design to fit better into tight spots.Omni-directional high performance antenna lets you place 'zoom' anywhere in your home/office with superior signal reception.With YES ZOOM broadband divide,you can make and receive calls using your 018 number from any landline or cordless phone by plugging it into the zoom.

zoom at a glance:
* Supports up to 10 users or more
* WiFi 802.11b/g/n compliant for faster wireless LAN performance and management

YES ZOOM will launch at Feb 2011.The price is RM399 – This wireless gateway router supports WiFi and Ethernet networking. You can simply plug and play for your desk phone. It is intended for home and office use.


We are in the edge of Borderless DigitAL Connection.This Blog Review,Compare Price , Study mobile network, Mobile phone's internet,Boardband ISP, 3G, 4G, 5G and other data connections explained.

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