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What is umobile 42Mbps?
Up todated umobile 42Mbps Broadband service currently only available in JB area, You can purchase the HSPA+ Dual Cell compatible 42Mbps USB modem for sale at U Mobile branch (in Johor Bahru) and selected JB dealers.

Before we go deeper and knowing what can we get from umobile 42Mbps bradband plan,we should know what is 42Mbps is all about?42Mbps is the maximum speed of current 3G broadband can handle,theoretically the maximum download speed transferring at 42Mbit/sec via HSPA+ Dual-Cell Carrier what exactl ; dual-cell carrier technology is?

Dual-cell carrier technology is a natural evolution of HSPA by means of carrier aggregation in the downlink. The basic idea of the multicarrier feature is to achieve better resource utilization and spectrum efficiency by means of joint resource allocation and load balancing across the downlink carriers.
# What is the difference between LTE and 42Mbps?

42Mbps is a wireless broadband standard based on HSPA that is defined in 3GPP UMTS release 8based on HSPA+ Dual Cell technology, 3GPP standard Release 8.
Advanced HSPA network can theoretically support up to 42Mbit/sec with a single 5 MHz carrier for Rel8 (64-QAM + MIMO), in good channel condition.

LTE is another 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). Much of the work is based on Release 8. LTE has all-IP flat networking architecture

LTE supports peak download rates of 326.4 Mbit/sec for 4x4 antennas, and 172.8 Mbit/sec for 2x2 antennas (utilizing 20 MHz of spectrum)

The Price of umobile 42Mbps
It seem the monthly fee is same as the umobile broadband promotion plan UB40 and UB 68,but you no longer get the free modem from this plan mthe modem cost at RM450,you also save RM100 of activation fee when subscribing the umobile 42Mbps promo plan.

There are still lack of coverage for the 42Mbps uMobile Broadband Service,they still need a lot o f hard work to enhance its network.

T&C from umobile official website: connection speed may vary due to congestion, distance from the base station, local conditions, internet conditions, server speeds, location, network performance, mobile phone/modems and application used.
Will the new plan comes together with the modem?

The details of the modem price are reflected in the U Mobile web portal. Please check for more details.


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