Umobile Promotion Plan Price Updated

How much does it cost to get the Umobile Promotion plan with free modem?Get the latest Umobile Promotion broadband plan to access the internet via your lap top or from any mobile device.

Price of umobile broadband
.Let's getting started ,You are required to pay RM168 during registration,the price consists of refundable activation fee of RM100 and advance payment of RM68. Therefore you are required to pay RM168 during registration.Below listed the latest offer from umobile broadband namely UB40 & UB68, both UB40 & UB68 plans require this fee.

U Broadband Plans UB40
Monthly Fee =RM40,Data Allowance =2GB,(Additional usage at 5sen/MB) =5GB
Activation Fee RM100,Modem Price Free,Rebate RM100,(RM20 for 5 months)there is no such things as they advertised RM20 per month,it just rebate RM20 for five month.after a 5 month the fee wikk back to normal at RM40 per month.# Upon reaching 2GB usage quota for UB40, excess charges apply if the data allowance is exceeded at RM0.01/1KB rate.

U Broadband Plans UB68
Monthly Fee= RM68,Data Allowance =5 GB. Upon reaching 5GB usage quota for UB68, download speed will be reduced with no additional charges.It mean you get unlimited broadband for the price of RM68 .There no different in between UB40 & UB68 for upfront payment,you are required to pay an advance payment of RM68 during registration and the advance payment will knock off your first month bill statement.

In you have noticed the advertisement ,they says there are some great rebates for the price,the rebate isnt the cash rebate,the rebate will be given to you in your UM bill statement for first 5 months. From that, you monthly fee will be lower when the rebate is given e.g. RM68 you need to pay only RM48(if you subscribe the UB68 Plan)this UB Promo rebates is only applicable for new sign up,if you currently U Mobile SWU/UB plans subscriber; you can't enjoy the UB Promo plans rebates.

Contract Detail,Termination Terms and Conditions of umobile
There will be no contract for both UB40 & UB68 Promo plan no mater you choose the plan with or within free modem.If you subscribe or terminate in the middle of the month,there will be probation reflected in you first month bill if you subscribe in the middle of the month. However there will be no proration for termination.And you will be charge in full and not a prorated amount upon my termination of subscription.So, should you have existing data allowance balance left, i recommend that you use it up first before discontinuing your service at month end.

In short ,Umoible will not change you any termination fee upon termination,however you need to settle all the outstanding upon termination,and there will be no refund of the RM100 activation fee if I terminate the line.

You can get your umobile broadband at any U Mobile Service Center and participating dealer in Klang Valley only. Just login to for the participating dealer details.

** Subscription via UMB for UB add on does not entitle for UB Promo plan

If you have already subscribed for U Broadband standalone plan, you can terminate your existing line and re-register again for the UB Promo in order to get the rebate and the data quote.But you are not allowed to keep the same number as reactivation is not allowed for UB Promo.

You can check out our this post on How to setting up Umobile Broadband Modem.Actual speed and data capacity achieved vary depending on factors e.g. device/equipment used, location and network traffic at the time of use. P2P activity will be moderated.


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