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Well, At first i was like :what!spending RM30 get 3GB Free broadband ?its amazing! It really  OHHSOME.But After i go into detail information .The FREE 3G INTERNET ON YOUR PREPAID simply mean paying another RM360 for the next 6 month?? (top up RM30/month, for the next 6 months)getting 500MB permonth FREE.Promo period: 10 July 2015 – 30 October 2015

Below is the detail info on this Maxis free broadband promotion and what is this promotion all about,check this out.

Get FREE 500MB every month when you sign up with Hotlink.

 All new joiners of #hotlink plan & SuperIDD from 10th July – 30th October is eligible. (including #hotlink Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu & Kelantan)for this promotion.plan .Just Dial 122 to activate your SIM card, & select your preferred language Top Up minimum RM30 (cumulative by month end) & get 500MB FREE. Repeat for the following 5 months to get 500MB every month for FREE!

The validity of this Maxis internet pass of 500MB is valid for 7 days. It will be automatically credited into your Hotlink account when you top-up minimum of RM30 by end of month within offer period. To check your balance, dial *122#  Offer period is 6 months (calendar month) upon activation of your #hotlink SIM. If your SIM is activated on 15th Aug, the offer is valid for 6 months till 31st Jan

Each customer can only get 1x FREE 500MB for each month. Thats maximum  u can get no matter you top up RM60or RM180 ,u only dan get 500 MB quote.You will get the FREE 500MB for 7 days internet pass within 24 hours after pop up. ReloadPlus physical ticket from Hotlink dealer. Is  applicable for the FREE 500MB offer.You can top-up RM20, & used RM15 credit to purchase a ReloadPlus from EasyMenu (electronic ReloadPlus via *100#). However ReloadPlus purchase is valid only for physical ReloadPlus top up only,the RM20 top-up is applicable & will be accumulated for the offer.

 All top up types (including physical Reloadplus tickets) are applicable except Share-A-Top-Up, Ask-A-Top-Up, Post-Aid Top up, SOS Top Up, & electronic reloadplus purchased via *100#.

More detail about the Maxis Hotlink prepaid plan rm30get 3GB Free Visit


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