Umobile advance Charging for Broadband

Advance Charging for Broadband 
  What is advance Charging for Broadband ?According to U mobile official website FAQ section ,It is a newly industry practice for Internet Broadband Service provider in Malaysia.Postpaid Broadband subscribers will be charged for a month of Advance Access Fee from Jan 2012 onwards. For uMOBILE, this Advance Charging will applied to all the new and existing subscribers (UB20, UB40, UB68, MB40, MB68, MB128) of postpaid broadband .Note that it only applicable to the UB USIM data plan only.It not applicable for UB/MB add-on postpaid voice plan Termination reminder* Subscribers are advised to perform termination request at month end to fully utilize their data subscription.After Termination – Last Month Bill Subscribers are to wait for the next month bill (upon termination) before they start to remit their balance outstanding payment (if there is any)


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