Find Monile Phone Location VIa DIGI MAXIS

This Post isn't exactly talks about Mobile Internet broadband but it might be useful for those who wish to locate their friends via mobile phone service.You can check your friends' & family members' location at anytime without installing a GPS tracking device on the car or having to call and ask them the location. Friend Finder is a Location Based Service by DiGi.Although it develop by DIGI,This service is available to all Maxis network as well.

 The service is applicable for both postpaid and prepaid customers via SMS and WAP channel. Note that the service is only for domestic location tracking, and u can only request for your friend’s location when he/she is logged on to the DiGi/Maxis network. All DiGi/Maxis customers on international roaming cannot be tracked.

How do  use Friend Finder to check location from mobile phone? 
To start looking for a friend, send FF<space>FIND<space><016xxxxxxx/0146xxxxxx/012xxxxxxx/017xxxxxxx> to short code 2000. Please make sure the phone number is entered in either one of the formats -016xxxxxxx

You will need permission in order to check the location. If this is the first time you are trying to find your friend, the system will automatically ask your friend to give you that permission. Alternatively, you can send FF to 2000 to ask for permission from your friend. If you think you have already got permission from your friend, please check one more time if you have entered the correct phone number. You can use the "nickname" feature to avoid entering phone numbers each time you track a friend. To check if you indeed have the permission to check your friend's location, send FFLIST to 2000 and see if your friend's number is in the Friend List. Another possibility is that you may have asked for permission from your friend by sending FFADD or FFFIND already, but you may have entered a wrong number or maybe your friend has not replied with FFOK yet. To check this, send FFLIST to 2000, and check if the number you want to find is in the list. If the entry is marked as "waiting", your friend has not replied yet. Give a call to your friend and ask her/him to send FFOK to 2000. Note: Pending authorization older than 24 hours would be automatically deleted from the system. In this case, you would need to request for permission again if your friend did not reply your request within 24 hours. Any reply after 24 hours will be invalid. 

You will be charged RM0.30 each time you successfully locate a person.


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