Celcom Daily Unlimited Broadband Review

Nowadays there are lot of places where we can get free Internet access via wi-fi ,such as Mc D,Old Town,But Sometimes we do really need to get connected to the internet at our piracy at home .We do need to pay for the Internet connection and If you are an individual that has a need to access the Internet service a few times in the month (less than 9 times) but require heavy internet usage (Heavy Data download/ surfing)Daily Unlimited Broadband is your option.

Celcom Broadband Plan
Celcom do offer Daily Unlimited Broadband and Weekly Unlimited Broadband.You need to have a Celcom Sim card to  subscript to the package. If you are already a Celcom 3G Postpaid or Celcom 3G Xpax prepaid Line than to enjoy this plan all you need to do are 4 simple steps:.

Step 1   - Dial *118#
Step 2   - A Menu will appear.  Select Celcom Broadband
Step 3   - An updated Menu will appear. Type 1 to Subscribe to Daily Unlimited Broadband or Type 2 to Subscribe to Weekly Unlimited Broadband
Step 4    - An updated Menu will appear. Type 1 to confirm subscription

Connection Speed: Connection speeds for the above packages are up to 512kbps. However, connection speed may fluctuate depending on your location, modem/computer configuration and user trafic during that time.

From the time you confirm your subscription, you will enjoy 24hours continuous unlimited broadband access at a flat rate of RM5 or 7 days continuous unlimited broadband access at a flat rate of RM18 depending on the option you have chosen.

If you exceed the usage past the expiry, you will be charged the Pay- Per-Use rates at RM0.1sen per 10 KB

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