DG Smart Plan Unlimited Bradband Overview

What can you get from DIGI Internet Unlimited 68?
DIGI Unlimited Internet at Monthly fee of RM68.It is a monthly data plan with 3G speed for your phone with 3GB fair use limit.This Package known as"Digi Internet Unlimited 68"gives you average speed of 700kbps (Download), and 200kpbs (Upload). Just like any others broadband Internet service provider, it the speed on the paper , the actual speed achieved may vary depending on the handset / device to received the 3G signal , they might be others contributing factors such as signal quality or time of use (peak or non-peak hours).

Monthly Commitment RM 68

Total Billed Usage Month Commitment
RM200 or more 100% rebate
RM100 – RM199.99 25% discount
Data Unlimited Internet
Voice Calls 15sen / min
SMS 10sen / SMS
MMS 20sen / MMS
Optional Itemised Bill RM5
Optional Auto-Billing RM5 monthly rebate
Charging Block 30seconds

Friends and Family™ 6 numbers
Supplementary Lines Up to 6 lines

You need to have 3G/3.5G enabled phone in order to access to the 3G Internet network.However,If you do not have a 3G/3.5G enabled phone, you can still subscribe to this plan to enjoy the low call rate and you can access to the internet via access to the internet via gprs ;gprs, but you will unable to enjoy this Internet plan to the fullest,that's because your connection speed is connect under 2G speed, 3G is about 10 times faster than 2G.

Nevertheless,others factors will also such as the location you are located,signal quality or time of use (peak or non-peak hours),etc. also effect the speed .Before signing up any DIGI broadband plans make sure you check our the DIGI 3G coverage area by visiting the the link:

Under this plan you are subject to " a fair use limit of 3GB" during the subscription month. If your usage exceeds 3GB, DiGi may throttle the speed of your subsequent Internet access to ensure fair use to other customers. However there will be no extra charges for any additional usage.Upon reaching monthly usage quota of 3GB, speed of access may be throttled to 128kbps.this plan is only meant for domestic Internet usage. You will be charged with Internet roaming charges when you are roaming overseas. Good news is, you may enjoy our Internet Roaming Max36 of RM36/day while roaming overseas.

Plans that similar to DG Smart Plan Unlimited Bradband
  • DiGi Business customers can get the similar features surt unlimited online at " Data Unlimited Plan (DUP)."
  • DiGi Prepaid™ customers can enjoy Internet Unlimited Max5 for no more than RM5 per day.
Note:If you are " Data Unlimited Plan (DUP)" or "Data Basic/Data Lite/Data Plus" subscriber at the moment, you can change your subscription to this plan.However, once you switched to this plan, you will not be able to switch back to your previous plan as DIGI have stop offering the above existing plan.

How to sign up DG Smart Plan Unlimited Bradband
* at any DiGi Centres, DiGi Service Counters and selected DiGi Specialised Stores.
* via Customer Service helpline at 016-2211 800
* by SMS “INTERNET” to 2000(You will receive a SMS confirmation that your plan will be activated within the next 48 hours)
* by Write in or Fax in

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