U broadband prices and plan rates

U Broadband is a mobile Internet broadband service for U Mobile postpaid subscribers to sutf the Internet surfing via handphone or laptop (with HSPDA modem).Before getting started to use the U broadband ,there are few things you really need to take into consideration;

1.U broadband internet is available in U's 3G/HSDPA 3.5gG within the coverage area only.

2.Data allowance includes combined upload & download data transfer.

3.Actual speed and data capacity achieved vary depending on factors e.g. device/equipment used, location and network traffic at the time of use.

4.Non-data use (voice calls, SMS/MMS, content, roaming and international call services) is subject to extra charge..

5.Excess charges of 5sen/MB apply if the data allowance is exceeded.

Just like others mobile broadband internet service provider such as YES 4G ,P1 W1MAX,U Broadband has 4 different plans for you to choose namely UB6, UB10, UB20, UB40 and UB68.Detail and the price list below:

U broadband plan rates

U Broadband Plan Pay Data Allowance* Download Speed Extra charge after reached data allowance
UB6 RM 6 500 MB up to 42 mbps RM0.05/MB
UB10 RM 10 100 MB up to 42 mbps RM0.05/MB
UB20 RM 20 300 MB up to 42 mbps RM0.05/MB
UB40 RM 40 2 GB up to 42 mbps RM0.05/MB
UB68 RM 68 5 GB up to 42 mbps No

*Subject to Fair Usage Policy

If you would like to use U Broadband on your laptop,you need to sign-up the UB SIM plan ,then you will be given a broadband only SIM card. You can then use this SIM card on your HSDPA modem to surf the web..


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