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How to Check UniFi availability in your area? If you searching for high speed internet connection from you home,UNIFI might be your choice.

It is broadband service offering High Speed Internet, HyppTV (IPTV) and Voice.Compare to others mobile internet service provider such as Digi unlimited broadband,
Yes 4G prepaid mobile boradband service,P1 W1max mobile internet,Unifi is based on the fixed /land line wire connection.With Unifi ,you can Download large (file size) DVD quality movies and music video clips in a matter of minutes or even a few seconds depending on the file size.

Unifi also offered the speed needed in TV over broadband (IPTV) where we can access TV channels over a private network in high definition format with high stability.IPTV interactivity through its video-on-demand feature.

With the faster and larger bandwidth, we can Play on-line games simultaneously with anyone in the world in real time and high resolution format.

UniFi is currently available at selected premises at the following areas:

  • Bangsar
  • Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
  • Subang Jaya
  • Shah Alam
  • Bukit Kemuning
  • Cyberjaya
  • Putrajaya
  • Damansara
  • Duta
  • Kepong
  • USJ

  • Lapangan Terbang Subang
  • Melawati
  • Puchong
  • Sungai Buloh
  • Wangsa Maju
  • Klang
  • Bayan Baru (Penang) - Business only
  • Bukit Tengah (Penang) - Business only
  • Kulim HiTech (Kedah) - Business only
  • Pernas (Johor) - Business only
  • Senai (Johor) - Business only

  • Below is the area that has fiber optic home broadband service installed.By checking the area phone number you can study is UniFi avaliable in your area.

    1 Bangsar 2282xxxx, 22831/6xxx, 2284xxxx, 2287xxxx, 2099xxxx, 2288xxxx, 2289xxxx, 2295xxxx, 2297xxxx

    2 Shah Alam 5510xxxx, 5511/3xxxx, 5519xxxx, 5512/4xxxx, 5515/6xxxx, 5517/8xxxx, 5521/2xxxx

    3 Subang Jaya 56221xxx, 5631/2xxxx, 5635/8xxxx, 5621xxxx, 5633/4xxxx, 5623/8xxxx, 5629xxxx, 5630/6xxxx, 5637/9xxxx

    4 Taman Tun Dr Ismail 77221/5xxx, 7725/8xxxx, 7710xxxx, 7729xxxx, 7711/2xxxx, 7713/8xxxx, 7719xxxx, 7720/1xxxx, 7723/4xxxx, 7726/7xxxx, 7951xxxx

    1 Bukit Kemuning 5121/2xxxx, 51246/0xxx, 5123/5xxxx 1 Bayan Baru - Penang 641/2/3/4/5/6xxxx

    2 Cyberjaya 8318xxxx, 83191/6xxx, 83201/5xxx, 8312/3xxxx, 8314/5xxxx, 8316/7xxxx, 8321xxxx 2 Bukit Tengah - Penang 5013/5077/5085/5090xxx

    3 Damansara 2098xxxx, 20921/5xxx, 2093xxxx, 2094xxxx, 2095xxxx, 20961/2xxx, 2020xxxx, 2080/1xxxx, 2082/4xxxx, 2087/9xxxx, 2099xxxx 3 Kulim Hitech - Kedah *Covering selected Industrial area only

    4 Duta 6201xxxx, 62031/5xxx, 62039xxx, 62051/2xxx, 62058xxx, 6204xxxx, 6207/9xxxx 4 Pernas - Johor * Covering selected Industrial area only

    5 Kepong 6272xxxx, 62731/6xxx, 6274xxxx, 6275/7xxxx, 62801/5xxx, 62854xxx, 6276/9xxxx, 6286xxxx 5 Selat Kelang Utara - Selangor * Covering selected Industrial area only

    6 Lapangan Terbang Subang 7846xxxx, 78471/6xxx, 78591xxx, 78421/5xxx, 78439/0xxx, 7845xxxx, 7839xxxx, 7840/1xxxx, 7844xxxx, 7848/9xxxx
    6 Senai - Johor * Covering selected Industrial area only

    7 Melawati 41051/8xxx, 4106/8xxxx, 4147xxxx, 4101/2xxxx, 4103/4xxxx, 4107xxxx

    8 Puchong 8060/1xxxx, 80621/6xxx, 80631/3xxx, 80681/6xxx, 8064/5xxxx, 8069xxxx

    9 Putrajaya 88810/1xxx, 8888xxxx, 88891/5xxx, 88901/5xxx, 8870/1xxxx, 8880/2xxxx, 8883/4xxxx, 8885/6xxxx, 8887xxxx

    10 Sungai Buloh 61401/5xxx, 61412/4xxx, 6156/7xxxx, 61422/4xxx, 6145/8xxxx

    11 USJ 56221xxx, 5631/2xxxx, 5635/8xxxx, 5621xxxx, 5633/4xxxx

    12 Wangsa Maju 4142/3xxxx, 4149xxxx, 4141xxxx, 4145/8xxxx

    1 Bintang 2141/5xxxx, 2148xxxx, 2049xxxx, 2052xxxx, 2115/6xxxx, 2118/9xxxx, 2140/2xxxx, 2143/4xxxx, 2146/7xxxx 1 Seberang Jaya - Penang * Covering selected Industrial area only

    2 Cheras 9074/6xxxx, 90801/5xxx, 9070/5xxxx, 9085/6xxxx 2 Teluk Panglima Garang - Selangor * Covering selected Industrial area only

    3 Gelang Patah - Johor Selected area within Nusajaya Area (new area)

    4 Keramat 4251/2xxxx, 42531/5xxx, 4256/7xxxx, 42581xxx, 42601/4xxx, 4259xxxx, 4262/4xxxx

    5 KLIA 87871/6xxx, 87831/5xxx, 8775/6xxxx

    6 Menara TM 2240xxxx, 22411/5xxx, 2246xxxx

    7 PJ Central 7954/7xxxx, 79581/8xxx, 7960xxxx, 7946/7xxxx, 7949xxxx, 7950/2xxxx, 7953/5xxxx, 7956xxxx, 7962/4xxxx, 7965/6xxxx, 7967/8xxxx

    8 Saga 5191/2xxxx, 5101/2xxxx, 5198xxxx

    9 San Peng 9222/3xxxx, 92241xxx, 9221xxxx, 7953xxxx, 9231xxxx, 9235/6xxxx

    10 Sentul 4043/4xxxx, 4041/2xxxx, 40451/8xxx, 4047/8xxxx, 4049xxxx

    11 Sungai Long 90191/7xxx, 9010xxxx

    12 Sungai Renggam 5541/2xxxx, 55431/2xxx, 55491/5xxx, 5544/8xxxx

    13 Taman Midah 9130xxxx, 9131/2xxxx, 91331/5xxx, 9141xxxx

    14 USJ 8023/4xxxx, 80251xxx, 8022/6xxxx

    1. Please note that coverage is not available for residential housing within the industrial area.
    2. These locations are indicative of TM boundaries. For more details, please contact the TM Unifi Centre at 1 300 88 1222 or visit the above mentioned TMpoint branches.

    AREA 53 F

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