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YES currently cover 65% of nationwide coverage and according to YES4G Broadband Internet provider ,65% is just the beginning.They aim to build more coverage to turn Malaysia into a truly connected nation. They promise to continuing to expand their coverage to be in even more places.

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New 4G broadband Connection provide the speed even when you are moving...Unlike current 3G technology, Yes lets you stay connected on the move -- even at 120 kilometers an hour along the highway. So go on and do all your favorite Internet activities - trade stocks, stream videos and reply emails while in the car (just not while you're driving, of course).

Connection that moves at 120km/h Surf from North to South.If you check the YES broadband coverage map ,you noticed that they have very good coverage along the North South Hightway,PLUS.It mean you can surf along while you are on board get rid of boring long-distance drives and bus rides,stay online all the way from Penang to Johor. play games, check your email and stream your favourite shows the whole time you're on the KLIA Express. Yes 4G , they keep connected you cev you are travelling at 160 km/h.

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