YES 4G Broadband price update

YES 4G Broadband price update .

9 sen for a 1-minute call, 1 SMS, or 3 MB of data

These rates apply globally ,that mean even when you are traveling only need is an Internet connection and you can call home at local Malaysian call rates which is stated at the price tag:9 sen for a 1-minute call, 1 SMS.There are No SIM card for YES mobile internet.

Step By Step on trying YES 4G mobile broadband .4G mobile Internet with voice
Get started with Yes
# One-time activation fee RM50
# Minimum credit purchase RM10
# Maintain a monthly usage of RM 30

Step 1: Decide on an amount on how much you need to spend on your Yes Plan.

Step 2: Fill in your details to set up your account

Step 3: Choose how you pay (credit card, debit card, transfer money online)

Step 4: Check through your purchase details and proceed to choose a 4G device

In order to connect to the Internet,you need a modem,it is a divide connect your computer or laptop to the internet.Currently YES 4G mobile broadband Internet offer 4 type of divides:Below is the summary of the devices and the price foe each of the divide.

1.Go: 4G on the Go RM99
Has a flexible hinge and multi-directional antenna with 2 LED indicators for easier to understand network activity.

2.Huddle: 4G portable router RM 399.00.Mi-Fi router is small enough to fit in the pocket and snuggles up in the palm,support Plug and play.Can share 4G with up to 4 friends at the café or at home.25% more battery life than 3G devices.It can be charged with the laptop while staying connected

3.YES 4G SamSung Cloud Phone(RM599)
The Samsung buzz 4G phone is a complete function 4G mobile phone that you can use it to surt the internet,alo you can plug it yto your computer to use it as your modem,supports applications, graphics, and ringtones. If you are downloading applications or software directly from the Internet to Yes Buzz 4G Cloud phone, you will get a message once you have obtained an application or ringtone.

4.Yes Zoom (RM399) – This divide can be use to create your very own WI-FI hot spot. This wireless gateway router supports WiFi and Ethernet networking. You can simply plug and play for your desk phone. It is intended for home and office use.

Check out my previous post for more detail and update for YES 4G mobile broadband Internet devices.

Register and select your Yes ID and 018 mobile number at your local IT shop near you or visit this page for the list of Yes Stores.

To activate the Yes service, you will be charged a one time activation fee of RM50. Then just buy a minimum reload of RM10 and you can start enjoying the Yes service through the Yes devices. Pay-as-you-go and re-load when your credit is used up.

If you do not have a Yes 4G device, you can still make voice calls and SMS using Yes Life on your lap top or PC through a third party data connection.It's the VoIP Internet Phone Service and Voice Over IP Telephony phone system that gives us the lower call rate .


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