Definition Internet Speed And Bandwidth

If you have confused the differences between internet speed and bandwidth like MBit vs MByte ? Internet provides when say 512KB or 1MB upload/download speed available. What do they mean Bit or Byte per seconds ? Are those speed clear dedicated bandwidth or those are not transparent ?

There are basically 3 measures that are commonly used. Mbp/s MBp/s and MiBp/s. Mbp/s stands for Megabit per second, MBp/s stands for MegaByte per second and MiBp/s stands for MebiByte per second.

One byte consists of 8 bits (zeroes or ones). That means that 8 mbp/s is only 1 MBp/s. Then there's the MebiByte, which takes into account the correction for the fact that units of digital information are in powers of 2. One MebiByte for example is 2^10 = 1024 and not 1000


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