Minimum Subscription for the STREAMYX COMBO

When there are something to subscribe, there are always agreement to sign .Question about the Agreement Period of STREAMYX COMBO? When will the agreement or term and condition of STREAMYX COMBO start effective?The Agreement shall be effective after execution of the Application Form by the Customer and upon the acceptance of the Application Form together with the required attachments hereunder and the registration thereof by TM ("Registration Date").

How long is then Minimum Subscription for the STREAMYX COMBO?
The Customer shall subscribe to the Service for a period of not less than the Minimum Subscription Period of twelve (12) months or in the event of any promotion held by TM for the Service, such other minimum subscription period as may be applicable to the relevant promotions as may be prescribed by TM from time to time.

The Service and Minimum Subscription Period shall commence after the successful completion of the Service installation, whether by TM, its appointed contractor or the Customer himself (as applicable) and upon the date on which the Service is activated for the Customer by TM ("Activation Date").

In the event that the Streamyx Service is terminated by either Party to the Agreement, the Customer may continue the provision of the TM Homeline Service subject to the terms and conditions to be notified from time to time by TM.

The Agreement shall remain in full force and effective for the duration of the Minimum Subscription Period and upon expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period twelve (12) months , the Agreement will automatically be renewed on a monthly basis unless earlier terminated by either Party hereto in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

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