iZZipro desktop terminal

iZZipro desktop terminal not only serves as a value added benefit to one single computer or a network of computers, but it also brings your mobile wireless broadband connectivity

Appearing as a traditional modem but with performance that outsmarts the conventional device, iZZipro is well-equipped with a powerful antenna and Ethernet as well as USB ports for enhanced speedy connection. Relocation is never an obstacle as you can journey through cities and vicinities without much hassle. It's simply the ideal companion for both home and business users who demand for high speed broadband Internet connectivity.

iZZipro12 iZZipro6
Monthly Fees RM 118.00 Packaged
RM 82.00
RM 82.00
Sub. Period 12 months 6 months
Download Link up to 1 Mbps 1 Mbps
IP address Dynamic Dynamic
Email 10 MB 10 MB
User Terminal (UT)(UTD) Inclusive Inclusive
Warranty 12 months 12 months
Registration Waived Waived
Installation Waived Waived
Introductory offer, annual Package Price (include 12 or 6 months subscription, activation fee and UT worth RM 929) no hidden cost
RM 1,498.00
RM124.84 x12 months

RM 899.00
*Not valid for EPP


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