How To Stop Auto Renewal Maxis Internet Passes

Nowadays,everyone connecting to Internet. If you are Hotlink Maxis Fast plan Prepare user , when you buying any Hotlink Prepaid internet plan .Maxis may have indirectly force you to subscribe the plan on continuous basis via  Auto Renewal way.

What’s the catch of auto renewal Internet plan? Here are some notes for your attention, If you phone have enough credit ,there will deduce you money automatically even you might not interested in buying a renewal internet passes on that particular period.Be aware.

How To Stop Auto Renewal Maxis Internet Passes

This post will guide you on how to stop auto renewal maxis internet plan .To deactivate this auto renewal feature for any data plan you have.Just follow the step below.

Dial  *100# > Internet Passes >next page> Cancel Auto-Renewal

Note that Only weekly and monthly mobile internet pass is auto renew, while daily mobile internet pass will expires on its maturity date and time.


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