How to Recover network key wep wpa

If you don't know where to get your network key (wep or wpa key) for your wireless router connection,this post night help.Sometimes,we lost our password to and your password protected router and the computer will keep asking you for the password.You just can't access to the broadband internet without it.

Some router have that written under the router itself... next to the serial number. Other routers require you to loggin to a control panel.

First of all, as for the password issue....resetting your wireless router requires you to hold down the reset button on the back of the wireless router for 20-30 seconds in order for all settings to go back to default. After that your user id and password will be admin

Below will include how to do that for the Linksys router the most commonly used router. That might not be the same for your specific router since I don't know the brand, but it will show you how it's typically done.

How to Configut your Network Security keys (web or Wpa)

Opening up your browser and entering
(the address of your router of which is typically the default) and entering your password (default is usually admin).

Next, click the Wireless tab and then Wireless Security under that. You will find your mode, encryption, and key there.


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