Yes! 4G Internet Broadband Price overview

Thank for visithing this blog,this blog will talk about the latest news and update for the YES 4G wiresless broadband internet service provider.How is the pricing and stability of Yes ! 4G Mobile Broadband service?The price is 9 sen per 3mb or 1 minutes or 1 sms.The coverage wide, they seem to getting better and better.

If you make a the comparison between YES and Streamyx Unify or any other broadband provider in Malaysia. YES broadband market is has something different from existing Internet service provider ISP like streamyx, unify, etc. From the pricing and the package offered ,i would they are focusing on mainly light user for mobile Internet experience.

Compare to streamyx or other wireless Internet broadband provider ,specially TM Streamyx is for the heavy users which needed download or surfing long period of time..

For instant, a YES user get 1GB of bandwidth cost at RM30 while they need to pay RM98 or RM68 for other plan with the similar usage.If you are average lite user,1 GB is more than enough for mobile browsing like checking update for your social network or checking email.

YES is offering rate at 9 sen for sms , 9 sen a min of call and 9 sen for 3mb of data.You can pay it in advance (prepaid) and the credit will never expired.It is another good deal for for light user as they might not use all the bandwidth for poetically month and can be bought forwards for the next month. Currently no others Wireless Internet network provider provide lifetime credit as YES at zero charge.

For the call rate, 9 sen for a min of call is pretty good deal as well and I am paying 35 sen per min for call using maxis or others mobile network.Again there are no others mobile network provider such a low prepaid call rate(from time of this post written).

For sms ,if you sms from difference mobile network such as from maxis to celcom,from digi to TM ,it cost average RM 0.12 to rm0.20 persms,let alone the special plan for sms within the same mobile network eg. 012 to 012 ,017,016 TO 016 ,014,etc..which is 1 sen persms within the same mobile network.9 sen per sms consider a good rate compare to 12 sen per sms.

My conclusion is If you think you are going to download large number of movie,music.., you can consider the new TM unify or other mobile broadband, but if you are normal surfer, YES is a good option.

About YES coverage. I am still researching how this 4G and Sim-less performance compare to other mobile network.Stay tune for more update.


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